". . . At nearly 84, I am so joyful to have learned all this, and am between tears and laughter for hours on end enjoying all you have given me and my family. Our kids and grandchildren will be so pleased and entertained with all this, and we are deeply indebted to you.  I hope your work is as rewarding for you as it must be for everyone you touch.  Again--so very many thanks!" 
--Alice L. H.

"I have been looking through the book at odd moments and I can't tell you what joy and satisfaction it brings me. You really should be proud of your work, from the research, organization, writing, lay-out, the whole thing. It is first rate. I wish my dad were alive to see it... It is far more than just a genealogy. It tells the story of our family. Hopefully, it will interest and enliven our family for years to come. Congratulations! Thank you again for you splendid work."
--Michael B.C.

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